How to get Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Tickets

Back when I was young In college I started a group at IUP (Indiana University of Pennsylvania) that would purchase tickets to big sports games around the county and would sell them on eBay to make a couple bucks here and there. It was nice, but never paid more than enough to buy a few drinks and wings at The Coney.

Over time my knowledge of the sports tickets industry expanded but my activity didn't. The main thing that I learned during this time was that a lot of resale ticket brokers try to capitalize on huge markups to big events. There wasn't a single site on the market that tried to help the fan get the best prices possible for each game.

Back when I was youngThe way these sites work is simple. They have brokers who offer their tickets for sale at "X" dollars. The resale site will then mark the brokers price up an extra "Y" percent (think around 20%). So the more dollars you spend the more coin that resale site will make! My thinking was, why not tell the consumer how to make smart purchases so they can save nearly 50-75% off resale ticket prices.

With saving well over half off resale ticket prices in mind, I created the site Those huge markups have been eliminated and here is the key to saving a ton of cash the next time you want to visit Heinz Field... If you want to go to a game that is say a couple weeks away and a ticket with a face value of $70 is selling for $200, hold off on buying till the Wednesday or Thursday (2-3 business days for non-football games) before the game. You will notice the price of tickets drop immensely. How low? To the point where you often can find tickets at less than face value!

Give the site a try sometimeHow are tickets less than face value? Because many of the brokers selling tickets for the game live far away (a broker selling a game in the Burgh may actually live in Houston or Seattle for example) and has zero chance of attending the game but they would much rather at least get something for the tickets than nothing at all. I figure a happy customer who just save a lot of money would be more likely to come back and also tell their friends about eSellOut.

With that said, even I still have to buy my own tickets from the brokers selling on my site but to this day I have never paid more than face value for a game! If you would like to purchase tickets from please be my guest and use the special code I created for my Steelers friends. With this code you will be able to get tickets at brokers cost by using the code: BigBen7 the next time you need tickets! Thanks so much and have a great Black and Gold day!