Oct. 14th, 2008 ~ Terrible Towel

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoSo here we are, this is trade #1...My name is Dave Pierce and I'm hoping to turn my official Myron Cope Terrible Towel into a nice new piece of Steelers memorabilia. Eventually I hope to turn my trades into Steelers season tickets (please click the "how to" tab up top to see how you can get involved in the action)! This exact Terrible Towel was purchased in 2005 at a GetGo on my way to Cleveland to see the Steelers beat the Browns! I had forgotten my 1995 Terrible Towel at home and you simply can't enter a game without your Steel Power! After that win, the Super Bowl win and to this day it has been by my side for each game. Now, it's piece #1 in my quest to trade with fellow Steelers fans! Make me an offer!

Trade #1 ~ Terrible Towel for Signed Ball

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoOct. 23rd, 2008. I have accepted a trade offer from Steamer (the mascot for the Altoona Curve baseball team). Steamer is trading me an autographed Jeff Reed baseball! It's a rather unique and cool collectable of the Steelers kicker. Steamer became a huge Steelers fan after Jerome Bettis joined the Curve's ownership group in 2002. He got Jeff Reed to sign the baseball when Reed made an appearance at the June 5, 2008 game at Blair County Ballpark. Feel free to visit Steamer and the future Pittsburgh Pirates (where are all the proud Adam Hyzdu Fan Club members???) at www.altoonacurve.com!

Deal One Completed

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoHere is an image of the Steamer holding the Terrible Towel. On the next line, I have posted a picture of myself holding my newly acquired Jeff Reed signed baseball. It is now the next item up for trade! Once I get the picture from Steamer and the Curve it will be posted on the site. Till then, make an offer for the ball! This is going to be a lot of fun and a great way to help connect Steelers fans from all over the country.

Oct. 25th, 2008 ~ Jeff Reed Ball

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoSo here we are again, this is trade #2...I am now hoping to turn my Jeff Reed signed baseball into another new piece of Steelers memorabilia. This baseball could be yours but you must make a trade offer NOW! It's a sweet looking ball! It's even on an Altoona Curve baseball! How cool is that?!?! Anyways, since I am a die-hard Pirates fan as well I had to sport my Curve hat for the picture! So who wants this baseball? Please feel free to make me any offer you can! Also send some some questions! LOL. Let's Go Steelers and beat the Giants tomorrow!

Trade #2 ~ Jeff Reed Ball for Steelers CD's

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoOct. 29th, 2008. I am excited to announce my second trade! Today I accepted an offer from Moonlite37. Name sound familiar? He is the creator of the hit Steelers song: Nothin, But the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you haven't heard this song, you have to listen to it here! Read the email I received explaining how Moonlite37 became a household name in Pittsburgh music! A great Pittsburgh success story! So here is the trade... In exchange for the Jeff Reed baseball, I will be receiving all of the following: 1) CD Single of Nothin, But The Pittsburgh Steelers. Jerome "The Bus" Bettis version. 1) CD Album of Black & Gold Moon Rising. 1) CD Album of Black & Gold Moon Rising II. 1) Digital Download card for Black & Gold Moon Rising II. You can also purchase this CD online at www.moonlite37.com!

Deal Two Completed

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoHere is a picture of Moonlite37 holding the Jeff Reed signed baseball. On the next line, I will post a picture of myself holding my newly acquired CD's package. It will be the next item up for trade! I have had four offers for each item so far (Towel and Ball) and as the popularity of the site increases, so hopefully will the trade offers! Thanks for all the kind words! Feel free to make an offer for the awesome CD's package PLUS email me questions (we need them to be "Frequently Asked"... LoL).

Oct. 31st, 2008 ~ Steelers CD's

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoCame home today from Allegheny County jury duty (blah! Seriously $9 for 9 hours of work - an out of date amount written by lawmakers in 1952 - let's change that!) and the Moonlite37 CD's were in the mail! Better than expected! All 3 CD's are signed by Moonlite37 AND there is a download card! I talked to Moonlite37 on the phone and he is exactly what Pittsburgh is all about! A longtime Steelworker with a love for music and the Steelers! If you could email/call your local radio stations and request Moonlite37's "Nothin, But the Pittsburgh Steelers" song that would be awesome! Now, it's your turn to make me an offer for the CD's!

Trade #3 ~ Moonlite37 CD's for Kevin Greene

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoNov. 25th, 2008. Trade number three is in the books! This trade involves Kevin Greene and was made with a sentimental aspect behind the value of the deal (for whatever reason I just thought using the word sentimental and Kevin Greene in the same sentence was hilarious). Imagine being a huge Steelers fan growing up in the 90's then on day you are picking up your nieces from school and you happen to run into future hall-of-famer Kevin Greene (don't think he belongs in the HOF? Then look at the stats again and question why on earth you're reading a Steelers site this far down). It's a really neat story! To help in my quest to eventually obtain the Steelers tickets Aaron (a native Ohioan) has agreed to trade me his autographed Kevin Greene card AND his "F" Cleveland shirt (worn just for this photo) for the CD's collection!

Deal Three Completed!

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoCheck out Aaron holding the three signed CD's and download card next to his Christmas Tree. Aaron has informed me that he can't wait to go the tailgate party that I will be throwing before the first game I attend for all those who make trades with me! Both of his items are now available for trade together so click the tab above and offer a deal! This site is just starting to take off (with KDKA radio and the Trib doing stories already) in just the first month the site has been online! To get into this area you must click on the "contact dave" tab and email me.

Dec. 2nd, 2008 ~ Kevin Greene!

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoTis the season to celebrate with the sack master Kevin Greene! The Christmas decor is up around the house and the Kevin Greene stocking stuffer (aka the autographed card) has arrived at my front door! I thought about calling up a buddy to wear a long blonde wig for this picture but just couldn't muster the nerve! Thanks again to Aaron for the card and shirt (size large)! Both are awesome and will make a great new addition to the next person interested in making a trade!

Trade #4 ~ Shirt and Card for 4 Shirts!

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoDec. 6th, 2008. Another deal has been completed! This time I have traded for four brand new Steelers themed shirts! The trade was completed with Randy from Monroeville who remembers being a Steelers fan since the earliest days he can remember. "Like many fans growing up in this town the TV was always on with Myron blaring on the radio every Steeler Sunday. I was 6 yrs old when we won our first SB. It was excellent when we won XL for all the newer fans and especially my kids! ...I love Pittsburghese and have been a guy that says Yinz, N'at, Jumbo, Gumband, Red Up, etc. Growing up you think everyone talks like this." And that is one of the reasons Randy turned his love for the city and the Steelers into the company Burgh Shirts! You can either trade for the four shirts or purchase your own online at www.burghshirts.com!

Deal Four Completed!

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoTake a look at Randy holding the Kevin Greene card and the F*** Cleveland T-Shirt. On the next line, I will post a picture of myself holding the 4 new T-shirts (one of each Medium, Large, XL and 2XL). The four shirts are now available for trade! This is a great way to help connect Steelers fans from all over the country and has been a lot of fun already in just the short couple months the site has been online! Send your trade offers now! CONTACT ME!!!

Dec. 15th, 2008 ~ Four Shirts

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoHow about them Stillers! Huge win yesterday in Baltimore. Locks up a first round bye! Watch out Tennessee! I received the four new shirts in on Saturday! They are awesome! If you don't trade for them on here please check them out online as they are great quality and only ten bucks! The shirts available for trade are: Yinz Got 5? Stillers. We Got Rings N'at. Blitz Burgh Pennsylvania. I want to thank Randy and Burgh Shirts again for making this deal! I think I am partial to the "We Got Rings N'at" shirt which Burgh Shirts coined and has trademarked. Please send your offers in for all four new shirts (with tags)! NOTE: (added 7/18/09) OK, Steelers Fans! We took a little time off to celebrate yet ANOTHER Super Bowl! It is now July 18th so lets get the fun started back up!

Trade #5 ~ Shirts for 6 Super Bowl Package

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoJuly. 31st, 2009. After enjoying the Super Bowl for a few months I am thrilled to announce another trade on the day the Steelers start up training camp! I traded with the talented Billy from Jeannette, PA. Billy has been a fan of woodwork and the Steelers for as long as he can remember and has combined his talents and love into a fun business. In this trade, I am receiving a wood carved Steelers Six-Time Super Bowl Champions Plaque, Ben Roethlisberger and Franco Harris Laser engraved keychains and a Big Bad Ben CD by "SawBilly" himself. You can read more about SawBilly's unique Steelers collectibles online at www.sawbilly.com! You also MUST check out his "music video" for his Big Bad Ben song and then head on over to Amazon and download it for under a buck! All four items have been agreed upon as a trade for the four Steelers T-shirts.

Deal Five Completed!

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoOK, Steelers Fans! Just announced trade #5 with SawBilly! So now it's your turn! Make an offer for the 6 Time Super Bowl Champions Package! To the right is "SawBilly" holding the four NEW Steelers shirts. Looks like he wants Super Bowl #7 next! Right on Billy! Maybe you now have some sweet Super Bowl XLIII items to trade even?!?! Lots of great ideas! Lets get this going again as we prepare to defend our Super Bowl Title!! ...On the next line, I will post a picture of myself holding my newly acquired items. As of right now ALL 4 are available for trade! So make your best offer for all the collectibles together.

Aug. 6th, 2009 ~ The Perfect Plaque

Click the text in blue to see an enlarged photoBittersweet week here in Pittsburgh. Steelers camp has started and I just completed the fifth trade. But the disturbing news from the LA Fitness shooting forces you to put your life and many things in perspective... Opening the mail today helped put a smile on my face. The woodwork that was done on this plaque is amazing! Whomever trades for this is going to absolutely love it (Not joking)! The fact you get more is like icing on the cake. Thanks again to "SawBilly" for the four pieces (plaque, Roethlisberger and Franco keychains and Big Ben CD)! You can tell from our contact with each other that he truly has a passion for Pittsburgh football and his work is just a piece of the proof. Now it's your turn to make an offer for this unique collection.

Trade #6 ~ Wooden Delights for ?????

photoAug. 13th Note: I wanted to thank the guys from the Buckhead and Bubba show! over at B94 for having me on this morning! So, to get into this area you must click on the "contact dave" tab and email me. Tell me what you will trade me for the SawBilly's amazing collection and I will let you know if I accept the deal or not. While I am looking to make up-grade trades I am also looking to connect to Steelers fans, as each person has a unique story and I hope that a trade for something you own can bring that fascinating story to a national Steelers audience... Once I notify you that the trade has been accepted I will need an image of you with the item so I can post it here! You will also need to tell me a brief history of how or why you originally aquired your piece of Steelers Memorabilia and anything else you might like to include about yourself and your Steelers Fanhood.


photoHere, I will post an image, of the sixth person I trade with, holding the plaque, keychains and CD. On the next line, I will post a picture of myself holding my newly acquired memorabilia. Immediately that item will then be available for trade! Remember, the purpose of the site is two-fold. 1) To tell a story, a story of Steelers fans, who they are, what they do and how they became fans of the greatest team in professional sports. 2) To eventually trade-up for Steelers Season Tickets. After acquiring these season tickets I plan on inviting EVERYONE I trade with to a special tailgating event at the very first game I attend with the new season tickets!