Training For Baseball

We all like to play a bit of baseball in our free time. But did you know that if you put in a bit of extra training, it can make a huge difference to your swing and pitching… Bowflex has actually produced a comprehensive line of in-home workout devices. They have total in-home fitness centers; tread climbers as well as weights. All these possess a place in an excellent total exercise regimen; nevertheless, some are much better than others are for a baseball player.bowflex machine


If you want to perform baseball very well you will certainly require powerful legs, back as well as arms. You will likewise require a reasonable level of stamina to go along with the strength you establish. Each component will have to be effectively worked to offer you a well-rounded effectiveness.


In baseball regardless of position you participate in you require a strong pitching arm, nevertheless if you are planning to pitch this is much more important. There are 2 methods to obtain the muscle tone you are going to require for pitching, weights, and the various workouts offered with the home fitness center.


Your back is an essential part of your core and thus, must not be neglected throughout strength and versatility training.  There are some top Bowflex models that can really help you enhance this part of the body also.


Among the most vital parts of the body for a baseball player is your legs. They have to be strong and versatile. This implies that together with routine training you will need to too. Everybody through the pitcher to the catcher utilizes his/her legs a fair bit.

It is necessary nevertheless that you do not concentrate on structure huge muscle, as a ball gamer you will prefer lean athletic legs certainly not bodybuilder ones.


Lastly, to participate in baseball you have to have the ability to perform at the drop of a hat, or baseball bat as the case possibly. You might run a little or a great deal in one match the point is you never ever find out, so you will have to take part in a pretty good cardiovascular exercise to be prepped. Ball athletes will inform you most practices you will waste half the amount of time running. Ensure your exercises on the Bowflex are intensifying your heart rate and offering you with a cardio exercise.


Just like any program all the workout on the planet will not assist much in the event that you do not eat best and get appropriate rest you are combating a losing fight. A Bow Flex can assist you get in excellent shape for participating in baseball if you utilize it frequently and properly.

Terrible Towel Trades

So here we are, this is trade #1…My name is Dave Pierce and I’m hoping to turn my official Myron Cope Terrible Towel into a nice new piece of Steelers memorabilia. Eventually I hope to turn my trades into Steelers season tickets (please click the “how to” tab up top to see how you can get involved in the action)! This exact Terrible Towel was purchased in 2005 at a GetGo on my way to Cleveland to see the Steelers beat the Browns! I had forgotten my 1995 Terrible Towel at home and you simply can’t enter a game without your Steel Power! After that win, the Super Bowl win and to this day it has been by my side for each game. Now, it’s piece #1 in my quest to trade with fellow Steelers fans! Make me an offer!

I have accepted a trade offer from Steamer (the mascot for the Altoona Curve baseball team). Steamer is trading me an autographed Jeff Reed baseball! It’s a rather unique and cool collectable of the Steelers kicker. Steamer became a huge Steelers fan after Jerome Bettis joined the Curve’s ownership group in 2002. He got Jeff Reed to sign the baseball when Reed made an appearance at the June 5, 2008 game at Blair County Ballpark. Feel free to visit Steamer and the future Pittsburgh Pirates (where are all the proud Adam Hyzdu Fan Club members???) .

Here is an image of the Steamer holding the Terrible Towel. On the next line, I have posted a picture of myself holding my newly acquired Jeff Reed signed baseball. It is now the next item up for trade! Once I get the picture from Steamer and the Curve it will be posted on the site. Till then, make an offer for the ball! This is going to be a lot of fun and a great way to help connect Steelers fans from all over the country.